The Bounty – Competitive Scorechasing Roguelike Hybrid RPG

There are rare occasions when you run into an indie game that is truly like a diamond in the rough. That’s the reason why a lot of people want to read reviews of video games before committing to purchasing it. The game I discovered recently that has since been abandoned is a game called The Bounty, and it’s a very underrated indie gaming experience that can only be described in four words: Roguelike Hybrid Roleplaying Game.

Not for a faint of heart

The Bounty is a Windows video game created that almost seems TOO difficult. Your goal is to solve puzzles that are just blocking your physical progress inside the game. In addition, you will be killing foes, collecting loot, and getting points down the road. This game is truly a kick ass by you will love its arcade-game appeal in no time. Anyway, The Bounty has been created to be the seasoned game that you have been looking for a long time.


The Bounty is fun enough that you will want to get back in the game when you fail. So correcting your mistakes will be a cinch with this game for sure. Enemies will be easy to defeat in the beginning, though things will get tough over time as you gain experience in this video game. The level of frustration that you`ll experience while playing this game will be low as the whole game is about paying attention to the environment and not solving tons of puzzles down the road. This is the interesting yet entertaining video game that you can play today.


    • It’s simple enough to pick up and catch on pretty quickly.
    • Users will be able to use a wide array of options including saving and entering secret areas.
    • You can also get save points in the game, but you will have to spend points if you need to use these save points.


      • It’s HARD. One of the most difficult games I’ve played!
      • The music of this game is low-fi and can be annoying to listen to over and over.
      • It is also a little bit repetitive from time to time.

As you can see, The Bounty is the amazing video game that you need to play today. Though the music might not be the among RPGs out there, The Bounty is truly here to stay. With an amazing plot and low level of difficulty, The Bounty can be your best friend in your living room these days, and that`s not an exaggeration at all.

Supporting this game is an altruistic endeavor because 5% of all sales will be donated to Extra-Life, an amazing foundation created by the gamers.

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