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Bioshock Infinite: Game and Music Review

By – This Guy


 Traveling through the World of Bioshock Infinite is a mind bending, surreal experience. A floating city in the sky – The year is 1912…wait, what? That’s right; Columbia is a city from the Bioshock Universe so hang on folks, Time/Space is about to get bumpy!  It’s truly something you want to take your time doing so you can soak up everything, exploring not just for the achievements but for the splendor of seeing all this work of Art has to offer. My first playthrough of Bioshock Infinite (from now on referred to as B:I) was going to be a friendly blind speed run race to the finish with (notice I said with and not against ;) fellow GWW staffer Matt Siegfried, but my run quickly turned into an expedition all about observing, listening, comprehending a masterpiece and gathering shiny things! I’ll not ruin anything here so no spoiler alerts but I do want to explore and share something in the game that is nearly a spoiler for anyone with no information about it, the music.


 Instead of your typical review of “insert game title here” that you can find on any video game website anywhere, I figured why not have some fun showing off some of the games incredible, reworked 1912 Full song Ragtime/phonograph versions of pop music (and other types) in High Quality accompanied by HD In-Game Footage. So I made some, hopefully, entertaining videos with my new Hauppage HD PVR2 Gaming Edition. All recording was done with voice and sound f/x off to accentuate the music for an overall more enjoyable experience.


The Song/Video list so far is below:

“After you’ve gone” originally by Django Reinhardt

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World” originally by Tears For Fears

“God Only Knows” originally by The Beach Boys, sung by A Mighty Wind

“(Give Me That) Old Time Religion”

“God Only Knows” In Game version

“Making Whoopee”
“Shiny Happy People” originally by R.E.M. redone – sung by Tony Bambino
“Tainted Love” originally by Gloria Jones
“(What Do We Do on a) Dew-Dew-Dewey Day” originally Tin-Pan Alley
“Will the Circle Be Unbroken” In Studio with Ken Levine, sung by Voice Talents/Actors Courntee Draper (Elizabeth) and Troy Baker (Booker DeWitt)
“Will the Circle Be Unbroken” (In-Game Extended Choral Version with Piano intro)
       I had the joy of rocking this gem of a title while wearing a pair of Vayper Onyx GUNNAR Optiks and a Turtle Beach X12 Ear force Headset. Not to sound like an advertisement, but the Aural and Visual experience playing Bioshock: Infinite was heightened greatly by these amazing products, immersing me completely and connecting me with the main protagonist; I felt like I was Booker DeWitt while playing.
       It’s hard to say much about Bioshock Infinite without spoiling anything. The gameplay, utopia-in-discord political setting, and feel echo its predecessors; but it stands tall as a unique experience. A big piece of that is found in your partner, Elizabeth. Without divulging anything, you will care about her, want to protect her… and unlike most AI partners, she never gets in the way.

     The best things about Video Games can be found by playing or even watching someone play Bioshock Infinite, it’s that good and it’s easily an early contender for Game of the Year.

Overall Score – 10 out of 10

by Eric Cummings